Developing cheap, sustainable lipid synthesis tools for the world.

And we're starting with omega-3 production for aquaculture.

Powered by Synthetic Biology, Synthesea is developing synthesis technology that is transferable to a wide range of lipids (AKA fats).

Aquaculture feed must contain omega-3 oil.

Fish require omega-3 oil to grow nutritiously & healthily. It is therefore required in aquaculture feed (aquafeed).


This is currently sourced from fish oil, which is produced by crushing wildfish, which is fished from wild fish stocks.


Omega-3 production is costly & unsustainable.

93% of Norweigen aquaculture (the largest aquaculture industry in Europe) is Atlantic Salmon. Just one Atlantic Salmon requires ~2000 wild fish over its lifetime.

Current omega-3 production, destroys wild fish stocks.

This continuously increases prices for aquafeed suppliers & is enviromentally unsustainable.


Cheap, sustainable omega-3. Powered by Synthetic Biology.

We're using Synthetic Biology to engineer bacteria that efficiently produce omega-3 that's up to 88% cheaper than other products, using a plentiful precursor product. This drastically lowers costs for aquaculture farmers.

As an additional benefit, no wild fish stocks are used or harmed during this process, meaning our omega-3 oil is ecologically sustainable and ethical.



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