Why does it take 816 fish to put just one salmon on my plate?


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52% of the fish you eat come from aquaculture.

Aquaculture farms are farms for fish.



Farmed fish eat wild-caught fish oil as a source of omega-3.

Fish need omega-3 to grow rapidly and be nutritious.

This omega-3 is mixed into their feed in the form of fish oil, which is the current dominant source of omega-3.


Fish oil is made by squeezing fish caught from the wild. This is why it takes 816 fish to put just one salmon on your plate.

In fact, 18 million tonnes of wild fish are used to produce fish feed & fish oil

every year.


This is terminally unsustainable. It destroys the ocean's ecosystems & pushes up prices for aquafeed companies, aquafarmers & consumers.


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