We're creating a novel, truly sustainable omega-3 source that is up to 80% cheaper than fish oil.

A novel, proprietary process that converts plant oils to omega-3 using novel bacteria.

The plant oils we will use are residual, and are made using little land (just 0.7% of arable land in Kazakhstan can provide enough plant oil to serve the entire Norwegian market - the largest omega-3 importer in the globe).

conversion process.png

Our omega-3 has three core benefits over fish oil:

We will provide long-term growth to aquafeed producers, who may otherwise be constrained by low fish oil supply from fisheries operating at or above capacity.

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But we're not just replacing fish oil, we're improving upon it.

Our omega-3 will be of high purity, removing any impurities such as toxic PCBs & mercury.

Additionally, because our novel bacteria convert to omega-3, but don't directly produce it themselves, our omega-3 is considered non-GMO.

Finally, our product will be price-stable: as it is not influenced by volatile fish catch sizes that vary from season to season.